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STAR also provides Expert Witness Support, Safety Management Systems, Incident Analysis
Consent Agreement Support

STAR Consultants, Inc. provides Expert Health, Safety and Environmental Consultation Services to Fortune 500 Companies, Federal Agencies and Businesses Worldwide!  

STAR Consultants, Inc. 

Consultation Services

Tools and Software Solutions

Consultation Services

Safety Through Accountability and Recognition

STAR specializes in both consultation and customized tools for:
1) Perception and Culture Surveys
2) Assessments and Audits
     a) Compliance
     b) Management Systems
          1- VPP
          2- ISO 45001 / OHSAS / Z10
          3- FAA / Airports
3) Seminars / Webinars / Keynote
4) Employee Engagement
5) Recognition Programs
6) Balanced Scorecards
7) Strategic Planning
8) HSE Mentoring
9) HSE Training 

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1) Global STAR Safety Framework (ISO 45001 Model)

1) STAR Safety Scorecard
2) EHS Compliance Calendar
3) Risk Management Systems Evaluation
4) Safety Committee Maturity Assessment
5) VPPProfileTM Assessment Tool
6) VPP Implementation Guides
7) VPP Self Evaluation Manual
8) ANZI Z-10 Assessment Tool
9) Global STAR Safety Framework
10) OSHAProfileTM Screen Assessment Tool 
11) ISO 14000ProfileTM Assessment Tool 

Tools and Software Solutions