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"Where Safety is a Science"

STAR Consultants, Inc. has been in business since 1997.   Lead by Mr. Paul Esposito, CIH, CSP, SMS with over 38 years of industry experience, STAR is committed to helping our clients build the best possible working and living environments through sustainable health, safety and environmental programs.

STAR helps its clients meet their goals by combining the application of:

  • Understanding the effect culture and management has on business operations and results
  • Applying expert scientific knowledge and world class level solutions
  • Matching up science and common sense! 
  • STAR's personnel and affiliate contractors are highly trained, experienced individuals dedicated to providing high quality services and solutions. Our team of certified professionals provide the right expertise for the right project with an eye toward practical common sense solutions.

The STAR philosophy is simple and straight forward.  Sustainable health, safety and environmental programs, Through Accountability and Recognition. 
We help you build your HSE programs with both Management Commitment and Employee Engagement designed into the delivery, not just compliance.   This means each program includes a balanced set of metrics that defines success, while incorporating strategies for employee engagement for a world class culture. If this is your company's goal, then STAR can help you.   
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Company History

Founded in 1997, STAR has been supporting the Fortune 500 business community.  Some of our services include:

  • Culture: Measurement and Implementation
  • Management Systems: ISO 45001, Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)  
  • Assessments and Implementation
  • Auditing EHS Compliance and Management Systems
  • Risk Assessments
  • Leading Metrics and Balanced Scorecard
  • Strategic Planning
  • HSE Coaching
  • HSE Training

Tool Solutions

 In addition to our services, we have standardized many of our tools to help you deliver high quality health, safety and environmental programs to your company.
Some of the tools include:

  • Audit protocols (compliance and management systems)
  • Industrial Hygiene Database
  • Compliance Inventory Forms.
  • Sample Programs, and more...

Click here for a list of our Tools.  We will be glad to walk you through features and benefits.

About Us

STAR Consultants, Inc. provides Expert Health, Safety and Environmental Consultation Services to Fortune 500 Companies, Federal Agencies and Businesses Worldwide!